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Here at HEDCAMz we are crazy about helmet cameras, head cameras, action cameras, sports cameras, bullet cams....call them what you like....we love them!

HEDCAMz have sourced some of the best high quality HD (high definition) wearable camcorders available on the market today and are proud to be associated with the leading brands.

Don’t worry, just because we only sell the best doesn’t mean you have to pay through the nose, we have helmet cams starting from as little as £99.00 offering extremely good value for money. Budget can't quite stretch? Not a problem, all of the head cams available for sale are also available for hire, from 1 day to 2 weeks (can be extended). So if it’s just for the day out mountain biking or a week away in the Alps skiing or snowboarding we can offer a package to suit you that wont hurt your pocket! Plus if you decide to buy from us after you’ve hired we will refund part of your rental back. Terms and conditions apply.


We also offer a repair facility too! So don’t be too upset if your GoProDrift or Contour develops a problem or you throw it off a cliff! Send it back to us and we will see if it’s repairable, if its not we will give you a trade-in discount against a new one. How good is that?


So what are you waiting for? If you want to buy, rent or have your existing action camera repaired.... give us a call on 01978 633013.

If you just want to buy then why not use our on line shop, we deliver next working day and delivery is free (UK) on every order!


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What are helmet cameras?

A helmet camera, otherwise known as a micro video camera, bullet camera, or lipstick camera, is a camera attached to a helmet allowing someone to make a visual record from their point of view (POV), while keeping their hands and vision free.


History of HEDCAMz...

Sports fan and HEDCAMz director, Carl Long, can often be seen participating in one of his favourite sports at his local downhill mountain biking track in Llangollen.


It was the accidental loss of his mobile phone that set extreme sports fan Carl Long on a new career path. While snowboarding with his brother in the Alps he lost his phone which he was using to film them on the slopes. After trawling the internet Carl discovered that there were products that are designed for filming his exploits such as helmet cameras and sports cameras but the only ones he could find were too big and bulky.


As a Degree qualified Electronics Engineer with a flair for business and a love for extreme sports Carl decided to develop his own wearable camera and his company HEDCAMz was born.


He took the bull by the horns and turned his back on a seven year career as General Manager for a gas control company to follow his dream.


On August 3 2010, the company was incorporated with Carl basing himself in his back bedroom at his home in Wrexham.


Using his electrical engineering and business expertise to set off from the starting blocks, he developed a HD camera which offered advantages over similar products.


"The HEDCAM is an extremely small, versatile, lightweight brand of HD camera suitable for mounting on helmets, parts of the body, or equipment to film any activity" says Carl.


The popularity of his point of view camera grew with many sports enthusiasts joining in, some of whom are of professional and Olympic standard.


The camera can diversify into many sports such as mountain biking, motorsports, water sports, horse riding and sky diving to name a few.


The company has also supplied the broadcast industry and Government agencies such as the Police, Military, HM Prison Service and the NHS.


The HEDCAMz global family is also on the increase, with sales worldwide the business grows from strength to strength, sales increase and the company has developed to a point where Carl now employs staff - 2 full time and 3 part time - to assist.


In addition to the HEDCAM the company supplies a wide range of Action Cameras to include brands such as GoProISAWDrift InnovationBulletHD and Contour.


He and his team enjoy travelling nationwide, exhibiting a full range of HD cameras at events including the Gadget Show and Goodwood Festival of Speed.


The future looks bright and Carl will continue to live by his company philosophy.


"One life…film it!"



Brief history of head cameras...


The first helmet camera was invented during the 1987 production of "The Great Mountain Biking Video,". This footage was the world's first MTB video. The device fed signal via cable to a VCR stuffed into a backsack. Some time later, whilst removing the rig after a particular ride, the wearer would realise the camera was too heavy to wear regularly. This hardware eventually gave way to button and lipstick camcorders.

The helmet cam soon became a standard piece of equipment, worn by BMX riders, surfers, skiers, skydivers and other sports aficionados, to record and share their experiences.

Newer generations of helmet cameras offer features like on-screen menus, high-definition format, wireless transmitting to an offsite recording device, waterproof enclosures and 3D capabilities.



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