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GoPro to Contour, from Drift HD to Bullet HD and more...

At Hedcamz we've got a superb range of action cameras. our aim is to make sure you get the right camera for your needs. We love extreme sports and because of our years or experience and desire to film our own sporting exploits, we know the right camera for your sport or adventures. From the awesome GoPro to the mega Drift HD Ghost.

GoPro Action Camera

GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition

GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition

GoPro is a brand of high-definition personal cameras, often used in extreme action video photography. They are known for being lightweight, rugged, wearable or mountable in unusual places such as outside planes, cars, or boats.

GoPro - for extreme action video photography GoPro is the personal camera of choice for anyone who is serious about their sport, their loves,  their life!  GoPro is a brand of high-definition personal camera lighter than ever, smaller than ever but a camera with a massive personality and full of features.  The Gopro camera ensures you capture it all in fabulous high definition, the clearest, sharpest videos in the most extreme sporting conditions.  If you love your life, GoPro will ensure you'll remember everything!

Take a look at the GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition,  GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition and the GoPro Hero3 Sliver Edition.

Hedcamz for Hedcam Helmet Cameras
Hedcam ten80 action camera
Hedcam Ten80

At HEDCAMz we've been around the world of action photography long enough to know a thing or two about taking a picture or video in extreme conditions.  We love our sports and we love the world of action video photography and the Hedcamz range of helmet cameras represents all our knowledge and experience of extreme sports photography crammed into the lightest most versatile action camera on the market, jam packed with features at a price you will adore.

We're already on the third generation of Hedcam,  which includes the Hedcam 7Twenty and the Hedcam Ten80, never forgetting the Hedcam HD Wide Camcorder with 135 degree recording angle, improved firmware and bags more recording time than ever before.

Mount the Hedcam anywhere, it is so light you won't know you're wearing it but so robust, you can use this hd camcorder to capture any extreme sport in any situation.  It's our camera so we think it's the best camera but don't take our word for it - take a closer look.

Contour Roam2 Action Camera

Contour Roam2 - Black

Contour cameras - its clean, simple design belies the sophisication of this elegant hd video camera.  Easy setup, simple to use, the camera has a 270 degree rotating barrel with a massive 170 degree wide angle field of vision with laser assistance to ensure you get the picture you want.  The Contour +2 camera has fast blue tooth connection enables fantastic wireless viewing and control from mobile devices, control and precision at your finger tips with GPS video mapping 

The Contour Roam 2 is waterproof no need for cumbersome exterior protection, the great audio even works underwater.

Drift HD Ghost Action Camera
Drift HD Ghost Action Camera
Drift HD Ghost

For extreme sports enthusiasts The Drift HD Ghost packs a real punch. It's robust design ensures powerful, precise, controlled filming in the most extreme conditions - you won't miss any of the action, whatever sport whether surfboard mounted, waterproof down to 3m or secured to your motorcycle helmet, the video quality is exceptional.  

With easy to use (even with gloves), wrist strap remote control, the Gorilla Glass LCD screen gives live previews and playbacks and wi-fi connection to your smart phone means further remote control from a distance of up to 100m.  Clear and sharp 1080p HD videos as well as 11MP still photography, this compact hd camcorder should accompany every adventure, it's a beast of a camera.  The range includes the 
Drift HD Ghost and the Drift HD Ghost-S.


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