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Olfi – The Essential 4K HDR Action Camera

Let’s Talk About Olfi – Our New 4K HDR Action Camera Some of you may or may not already know about our new action camera brand, Olfi. We’re really excited to show you, but firstly let’s get something straight, the HEDCAM is here to stay and will not be replaced by Olfi. Both camera’s have […]

Unmanned Aerial Thermal Imagery – DJI Zenmuse XT

Innovation DJI are consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible with user friendly UAV or drones as they are commonly know. Currently the majority of drone users are using their craft to capture stunning aerial imagery as either a professional photographer/videoographer or simply just for fun. Products such as DJI’s Phantom or Inspire 1 have […]

Introducing the DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone

Phantom 3 Standard Side

As the market for commercial UAVs and drones grows, DJI is growing along with it, maintaining a remarkable market share of 70%. The newly released Phantom 3 Standard (P3S) is the latest addition to the popular Phantom 3 Series, and is accessible to new audiences both thanks to its new features that makes it even […]

For all DJI Quadcopter owners – get an SRP Filter

SRP Filters. Heard of them? SRP (Snake River Prototyping) filters are awesome little enhancers for filming with DJI Quadcopters. Filters are used to fight one or both of the following problems: glare and rolling shutter effects.  Glare is usually found on the surface of water and windshields/windows.  A CP filter can be adjusted to cut […]

ISAW A3 Extreme – A great underwater camera

ISAW A3 Extreme Underwater Camera

ISAW A3 Extreme – The sports and recreation camera made for underwater filming. This wont be a long sales pitch or run through of prices and deals, this is merely a blog on how good the ISAW A3 Extreme performs underwater. What made me want to talk about the underwater feature is this YouTube video […]

Help, my phone or camera is water damaged!

Help, my phone or camera is water damaged! By this point, you may have searched google far and wide in a desperate panic. Or maybe you’ve been quite lucky and this is the first place you’ve come to. Your device is water damaged or you’re worried it might be at some point in the near […]

We’d like to introduce the TomTom Bandit Action Camera

TomTom Bandit Action Camera - with App Store capability

Say hello to the TomTom Bandit. 4k camera 3 hours of recording time HD Video 16 MP photo 3h non-stop filming cable-free Built-in sensors (Speed, G-force, Altitude, Rotation, Heartbeat*) Edit and share your movie instantly with the Bandit App (iOS & Android) Includes a Go-Pro Mount Adapter Show your action stats – speed, location, and […]

ISAW A3 EXtreme Action Camera – HEDCAMz Approved

ISAW A3 Extreme HD Action Camera

ISAW A3 EXtreme Action Camera         Why should I choose this over a GoPro?   The ISAW A3 EXtreme is an extremely versatile camera. It is the flagship device from ISAW.     Here are some features that most cameras just can’t beat: Waterproof to 50 meters Aqua Mode – When you […]