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Jim from has been using the HEDCAM Ten80 for a little while now. Here’s what he has to say:

Full review here:

Team Tested: HEDCAM Ten80 POV Camera Review

I’ve had one of these for several months now, having always been put off by the size and weight of all other POV cameras I had tried, it was great to finally get hold of one you literally didn’t know was on your head

So small and light, unlike the top selling competition you really don't know they're there

It really is tiny and so light

Screw-in end caps, no holes = waterproof

This thing comes with a vast array of mounting brackets and straps, you literally can put it anywhere, and with it being so light and small, options seem endless. Operation is ridiculously simple, hold down the top button and a visual laser beam is seen for 10 secs, this is also very useful for sighting up where it will be pointing.

The Ten80 comes with so many mounts

Velcro mount, stick it anywhere

Once on, if you are unsure it is recording you can do a short press down of the button and the laser will show again if you are recording, quite fool proof really, as it needed to be for me. I personally could never get my head round a Go-pro! The picture quality is good, but not in the same league as the market leading Go-pro, tending to get a bit wobbly on the rougher stuff. But for a very low price of £167.99 and such a small camera we can’t expect the earth!

These things just capture the action great for the money

USB charger doc and card insert

The camera comes available in either orange or black with a stock 32GB card inserted

See here some of the video captured during my season of riding, racing and testing-

Light, sound and picture settings can be changed by inserting the card in your PC and following guided instructions available from their site

For more information click:

Words and pics: Jim Buchanan