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SRP Filters. Heard of them?

SRP (Snake River Prototyping) filters are awesome little enhancers for filming with DJI Quadcopters.

Filters are used to fight one or both of the following problems: glare and rolling shutter effects.  Glare is usually found on the surface of water and windshields/windows.  A CP filter can be adjusted to cut down on glare and is regularly used in fishing videos or on the dash of a racecar.  The result can be dramatic.

Each SRP Neutral Density Filter includes an o-ring on the inside diameter of the filter which will adapt small variations in camera lens diameter.

Neutral Density filters lower or eradicate the effects of rolling shutter, such as the jello effect and prop blur.  In high vibration situations like a quadcopter platform, the video frequently appears to be shot through a bowl of clear jello.  An ND filter reduces the automatic shutter speed by decreasing the amount of light that the camera detects.  This will considerably reduce the jello effect.

ND filters come in different stages of light reduction.  Darker ND filters should be used on sunnier days (i.e. ND8) and less dark ND filters are used on moderately bright days (i.e. ND4). Testing with different filters in different light environments is the best way to establish which filter is right.

Prop blur refers to the artifacts that usually occur when filming a propeller or rotor using a stock camera.  The propeller often is fragmented and is not what’s seen by the operator in real life.  An ND filter used in these circumstances reduces the shutter speed and decreases or eliminates these artifacts.  Again, this reduction differs on the ND filter rating and the lighting conditions.  Research is recommended to select the optimal ND filter.

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