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Marty’s journey to October 2015 in Back to the Future is now a thing of the past. We have no hoverboards, no tiny pizzas that grow full size in a matter of seconds and no flying cars. It sucks we know, but a very cool thing that has burst onto the gadget market in the past few years is quadcopter drones. DJI quadcopters to be precise.

You can live view your video, connect your tablet or smartphone to view the footage, have GPS co-ordinates, see places or things you never thought you could see.

HEDCAMz Director Carl Long was fortunate enough to recently visit to the head offices and factory in China to discuss future ideas and products with DJI.


(Photo: A big LED advert just outside the DJI offices)

As the photo shows above, the DJI is ruling the drone market right now. If you speak to anyone that knows DJI it’s all about the Phantom 3. Why? It can take 4K live video, you can fly up to 2 kilometres away, a gimbal that stabilizes your footage, 12MP photo mode, point of interest mode so when you select an object or location to focus on the Phantom will continuously face it… need we say any more? It’s definitely a Christmas present and a half!


(Photo: Director Carl Long (right) and his DJI contact representative (left))

As an importer of DJI products, HEDCAMz was granted full access to the factory and was given an exclusive tour. Once inside the DJI factory, Carl was impressed at how professional and well designed the interior was. The main part of the day that had Carl in shock was when he was taken up to the roof. He saw hundreds of DJI quadcopters flying around in a testing enviroment.

Carl praised the company by saying – “I couldn’t believe my eyes, the quality control and time they put in to checking every single quadcopter is excellent. DJI test 100% of their products and even test the footage from the test flights!”



(Photo: The product timeline of DJI)

Does this mean we are one step closer to Marty’s hover board in Back to the Future? Maybe a drone hoverboard you could ride on? Actually scrap that, it sounds a bit dangerous. Keep checking back on our website for new developments in action cameras/drones and product launches though.

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