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Roger Hughes - HEDCAMz Wingsuit & Base Jump Athlete


Roger Hughes
Wingsuit & Base Jump


Introducing Roger Hughes, HEDCAMz sponsored wingsuit and base jump athlete. He has countless Wingsuit jumps under his belt from all over the globe. For the time that Roger has been with us, he has produced some outstanding video and promotional photos for HEDCAMz and our sister store One Life Film It. Along with video content, Roger has helped push our brands on social media and has a very active presence online. He has taken the time out of his busy schedule to answer some listed below. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Roger in to the future.

Name? Roger Hughes   

Age? 44

Where do you reside? Wrexham

Favourite discipline? Wingsuit Acrobatics & camera work but Wingsuit flying in general is what I do. I like to do a few BASE jumps when I can too.

How long have you been jumping? 4 years

Most memorable moment? (in the sport) Still being alive! Winning a couple of golds in 2014 was good but the most memorable has to be my first BASE jump back after my accident, that was emotional for sure!

Gear used? I fly Phoenix Fly Wingsuits. I use a Shadow, Havok Carve and recently a Venom Power which is a larger suit designed for performance. For BASE I use an AdrenalinBASE Zak2 with an Atair Troll

Favourite location to jump in the UK? In all honesty, its my home drop zone, Black Knights Parachute Centre in Lancaster. The views are unreal and we have a very fast aircraft to take us to 15000ft. Cark is another of my favourites with amazing views over the lakes.

Dream place to jump? My team mate has a plan to do an expedition to Baffin Island which has some unreal BASE locations. Id have to say there really. Id have to survive the mammoth trek to get there first!

Future goal? The Baffin Island expedition would be nice but Im going to aim high here and say a podium in the World Cup but thats a lot of training away.

Most played tune? hmm, thats a tough one. Ive always said I want Ramble On by Led Zeppelin played at my funeral, thats probably not too far away now!

Who inspires you? Most of the flying I do is based around the skills and moves of Jarno Cordia from Phoenix Fly so Id have to say him really but anyone that works hard and keeps trying to be the best definitely inspires me. In BASE it has to Lewis Jones, he has so much love for what he does, its infectious!

Worst injury (from the sport) and how you overcame it? Ive been very lucky really. Broke my heel a couple of times but I smashed myself on a cliff strike during a BASE jump in Italy. Surviving that and the following mental battle was probably the worst.

If you could give advice to someone trying to get in to the sport, what would it be? Never rush and never become complacent, thats how people die! Always respect the sport and those around you.

Just for fun:

Favourite food? Ah too many but Thai, Ribs and Steak but the food of champions has to be homemade Cottage Pie, its the future!

Favourite drink? Red Wine, I used to drink Whiskey but it makes me do stupid s**t

Favourite animal? Honey Badger! Honey Badgers just dont give a f**k. Boxer dogs too. Ive had a couple of them. Theyre awesome and I guess I look a bit like one.

Favourite film? Impossible to say, theres so many. Im a sucker for a box set. I reckon Breaking Bad is up there along with Game of Thrones