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Hi there!

We get many emails and calls all with the same question – How do I format my memory card? Sometimes the user manuals are confusing and maybe even look a different language when you’re not a computer whizz.

This post will show you how to wipe or ‘format’ the memory card using your computer.

WARNING: Before you proceed.

  • Turn lock off the SD Adapter
  • Save the footage you want to keep!
  • Clean the SD adapter gently with a dry tissue to remove dust or smudges.
  • If your SD Adapter or MicroSD card is water damaged, there is not much we can help you with.

Let’s begin.

1. So what you’ll want to do first is take the small MicroSD card out of your action camera and place it into an SD Adapter.

The SD Adapter is the one on the left, the MicroSD is on the right. They should slot together at the base of the SD adapter.

How do I format my memory card?

2. Find your SD slot on your Computer and insert the SD card.

For Windows users, it should be in the tower (the box that’s connected to the monitor screen). For Mac users, the SD slot should be placed in the back of the screen.

If for some reason your computer does not have an SD card slot, don’t fret.

  • Connect a USB cable into your action camera (with the memory card card inside) and the other end into the computer.
  • Alternatively, you can buy a USB SD reader.

3. The format process

Windows users – How to format:

Click on ‘Computer’ and find the device that will have just appeared as soon as you inserted the SD card. Right click on the new device and scroll down to Format… you will now see a new screen with a load of options. The only thing you need to click is Quick Format (make sure it’s ticked) then Start.

Mac users – How to format:

Go into your applications screen and search for Disk Utility then click on it. Find the SD card in the left hand menu, select it then go across to the middle of the screen and click Erase (next to First Aid and Partition). Make sure the format option is FAT32 and proceed to click Erase.. (bottom right)

4. Your Memory Card is now formatted and has erased all content and settings it had attached with it.

Now just safely eject your card from your computer and place it back into the action camera.

If this has not worked.

  • Have you tried everything on the WARNING: Before you proceed list?
  • We get a few cases of people that buy cheap memory cards online of sites like eBay, then ask why the action camera doesn’t work or record.
    The answer is – The memory card is more than likely a fake. It could even damage your action camera. Cheap isn’t always best!
  •  We sell our own line of SD adapter and MicroSD packages and guarantee memory card success.