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ISAW A3 Extreme – The sports and recreation camera made for underwater filming.

This wont be a long sales pitch or run through of prices and deals, this is merely a blog on how good the ISAW A3 Extreme performs underwater.

What made me want to talk about the underwater feature is this YouTube video I came across earlier today.

Source: Mako SG – Youtube

The natural colours that the ISAW produce are stunning. The stingray in the video is so clear in 720p or 1080p HD and there is no post video correction.

How is this? Well one of ISAW A3 Extreme’s main purposes is for underwater filming. It has a custom waterproof case that’s made for underwater filming down to 50 metres and features a built-in aqua mode setting. The aqua mode setting corrects light and corrects colours.

You know when you’ve filmed something undewater in the past and everything is washed out? No problem for the ISAW A3 Extreme, it absolutely nails the right colours every time.

Pretty amazing stuff.

ISAW A3 Extreme
ISAW A3 Extreme

To have a look at the other features from this camera or to buy click here >>

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