HEDCAMz care about customer satisfaction and testimonials feedback. We have trained in-house technicians who are on hand to help you get the right product that’s in your budget. We are a UK company based in Wrexham, Wales. All products are quality control tested and extensively checked before being sent to you. Every order that is made we send out speedy first class recorded delivery so you can get on with your filming adventure! We will price match on almost any HD camera, just call +44 (0)1978 633013 and have a website link ready.

We also offer a repair facility too! So don’t be too upset if your GoPro, Drift or Contour develops a problem or you throw it off a cliff! Send it back to us and we will see if it’s repairable, if its not we will give you a trade-in discount against a new one. How good is that?

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, give us a call we will try to change that! Returns are accepted. All HD action cameras come with a 1 year warranty we’re that sure of them! HEDCAMz also offers brilliant after sales support for peace of mind. Satisfaction guaranteed. All of our testimonials are legitimate and are written by customers themselves.

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70 comments on “Testimonials

  1. Toni Potts

    “I’m a cynic and a sceptic, but this is bloody brilliant! It doesn’t interfere with you when you wear it on the helmet harness. It is so light, it doesn’t bounce, you don’t notice it. It gives a brilliant picture, clear sound,and is so simple to use. I cannot believe how clear the picture is. You can see how the rider is reacting (And I got told off for leaning too far one way!)”

  2. Richard Burton, 4 x national Men’s Point to Point Champion

    “Last time I wore one of these was in 1997 and I fell at the first in the Aintree Foxhunters. And they used the footage! I can’t even tell that I am wearing the HEDCAM, unlike with other models, it is so light and discreet, the quality of the footage is amazing!

  3. Stuart Noble

    I must comment it takes really good video footage for a small camera and much better value than the GoPro that some of my friends have got. And looks less stupid on your head!

  4. ​Graham Craig

    I just want to thank you for your service in answering all my questions to help me decide which camera to buy.
    I bought the Bullet HD2 for use on my motorbike. Easy to use with the single button, vibration confirmation of button action, switch off after 2 minues of non activity, two batteries, great range of mouting options. Highy recommended.

  5. Robert Frost

    I hope people realise that there is a contender with the Go Pro out there as these things deserve to sell very very well indeed!

  6. Kev

    I found that I was really struggling to find a head cam that suited my needs. I spent what seemed like an age sourcing what I thought was the right camera. Then I found your site and found just what I needed, the right camera, the mounts, the battery and the right price. What more can I say.

  7. Adam Rose

    I bought a Hedcam HD Wide Camcorder from Hedcamz over a year ago and used it for Mountain Biking, Kayaking etc…. What a great little camera, the quality is fantastic and the customer service I got from Carl and Tom was second to non. They advised me on the best camera for my needs and budget. The customer service was a big factor in me returning this summer to buy a ISAW A2. I wanted a camera that could not only take great pictures and HD video, but be used underwater to depths of 98ft. Again, their help and advice was valuable in me deciding on the ISAW A2. Not only was it well within my budget, the quality and battery life was fantastic. Carl and Tom’s advice again was spot on. Thanks.

  8. Stephen Ibbotson

    The camcorder bracket on my Bullet HD Pro2 snapped, (my fault) .Despite not having bought the camera from Headcamz they fixed me up with a replacement. at reasonable cost. Thanks to Carl and the excellent service provided.

  9. Seth Pierce

    Great Service – Great Product!
    I purchased a Hedcamz bullet cam last month and have nothing but praise for it and the staff at Hedcamz. Thanks Guys, Seth

  10. Kerry Garner

    Just to say thank you for the callbacks & dealing with my order and queries today but most of all thanks for the Birthday wishes 😀 Kerry.

  11. bigonabianchi

    Great After Sales Service. I’d like to totally recommend anybody wanting to buy a Helmet camera to consider buying it from Hedcamz. I don’t work for or have any vested interest in the company, Im just a happy customer.

    I bought a 1 generation bullet type hedcam and it was just what I wanted on the bike, but this model didn’t have a time date stamp option. I asked about the option and expected to simply be upsold to th emor eexpensive cameras which I cannot afford. Hedcamz however didn’t try to upsell me anything. They went out of their way to send me new firmware upgrades for my camera and worked with me to get the time date updated in my camera. This unfortunately didn’t work, no matter how many times I followed the e mail guidance. Hedcams then had me send the camera in to them, however they also could not fix it. SO they gave me a new camera with the time date update totally free of charge without me even asking.

    I now have a great little bullet hedcam which records not only the footage but the time and date of any incidents when I am riding so it can go directly to the police if necessary and they have the evidence they need. In todays couldn’t care less about customer service corporate world Hedcamz have demonstrated 100% that they value their customer, listen to their customer and will do all they can to help their customer.

  12. Paul Grant

    Silent Witness Never Lies
    I was looking for a helmet mounted camera to use on my daily motorcycle commute in and out of London. I contacted HEDCAMz and they expertly advised me on the best solution and best price. I went with the ISAW A2. This has proved to be invaluable on several occasions as well as being an excellent quality piece of kit. I went with the Isaw with the helmet mounting kit to make it visible as I didn’t want a discrete one to catch people doing wrong. I would rather it be seen and used as a deterrent to prevent dangerous driving in the first place. It is amazing how motorists change their driving attitude and style when they spot the camera. I would recommend HEDCAMz to anyone who is thinking of buying action sports or evidential camera’s as their customer service is second to none.
    I have also promised Carl and Tom that I will send them some footage to put on their website and Facebook.

    If you were unfortunate enough to be in an accident these camera’s would hold invaluable evidence for the Police. These camera’s would be your SILENT WITNESS THAT NEVER LIES!

  13. Vikki Corrie

    Excellent Service…..Thank You! I purchased two Hedcam HD Wide camcorders for my nephews for Christmas last year…… Well what can I say they have to be the most well used cameras around, up mountains skiing, down hills on mountain bikes and across fields on quad bikes! Although I didn’t actually buy the cams from Hedcamz the help that they have given has been outstanding whether it has been from purchasing bigger SD cards to buying more accessories (due to a few bumps). Recently both cameras decided to play up, so with the help from the guys at Hedcamz they fixed one and sent a replacement for the other! I cannot thank Carl and Tom enough for the help they gave and will definitely use them again. It is so nice to deal with a company that is so efficient and obliging, I cannot praise them highly enough. Thanks again Guys xx

  14. Andrew Whiteman

    Would reccommend HEDCAMz to anyone! Didn’t know a great deal on camera specifics so I rang up the number shown on this website. I had a great run through of what cam is best suited to my sport (diving) and was recommended the isaw extreme a3. Could not be more happy with the service I received, got treated like a human (no switchboard! Just straight through to technical adviser who was more than happy to talk to me!). Love the colours that are brought out underwater when i’m diving as my old cam just simply did not deliver. Would recommend HEDCAMz to any of my friends or people that are reading this guestbook. 10/10 customer service 10/10 price 10/10 camera GREAT!

  15. Ruth Chappell

    Many Thanks. My husband will be delighted when he opens this on Christmas morning! Thank you for the great customer service. People are always too quick to moan and complain and forget to acknowledge when it’s great!

  16. Helen Tagg

    Thank you. Top class professional team! Thank you for your great customer service and all the up dates about my item! Item received and very very happy with it! I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a similar item.

  17. John Brindle

    I will be speaking to you again at Xmas when I buy the Ten80. Thanks for the great service again – it’s what makes good companies into the best companies.

  18. Gavin Cameron

    Super efficient…What great service… I always think you find out how good a supplier is when something doesn’t go quite right with your order. My experience with HEDCAMz has underlined they are a supplier who cares and just deals in honesty, quick responses and working towards a perfect solution. Kudos!

  19. Steve Douglas

    Very Happy Customer. I recently purchased 2 HDPro 1080p Bullet Cam batteries, I just wanted to say thanks for the quick, hassle free service and low price. I have been looking for these batteries for about a year now but the only ones I could find were in USA and cost about £25 each and £25 postage!!! Really pleased I searched the internet again and found Hedcamz. All the best!

  20. Anne Bonne

    Hedcamz Ten80, having searched the internet for a head cam, I can honestly say that I am so pleased with the advice, service and expertise of Hedcamz with their product and service. 5***** Thankyou so much, I can see us having hours of fun with it….

  21. Alex Akass

    Top company. Would like to say thanks to Tom and Carl for firstly helping me out when they did not even sell me the product I needed help with and then for sorting me out with a Bullet HD3 Explorer which is a lovely bit of kit for the money. Unlike a lot of companies they truly try to help you out, not for the sale or because they have to but because they want to and thats refreshing from a UK company. You can not go wrong, if you have any questions or need advice, do not hesitate to ring them as I know you will come off that phone with the advice and help you need!

    Thanks again lads – Alex 😉

  22. Sarah Derbyshire

    Just to let you know, I have been using the battery pack and its great. I can now ride for 2-3 hours without my battery dying on me! Its much better. I thought you might like to see how I fix it to my hat so have attached a couple of photographs. As you can see, I mount the battery pack on the other side of the hat to the camera, which I think works better than having a wire running down my neck and into a pocket. I’m really pleased with my Hedcam and battery pack and never ride out without it. Thank you HEDCAMz for all your help.


    1. Lisa Mason

      Hey Sarah, can you tell me how you have put it altogether on your helmet, I have just ordered a camera and this is exactly how I am trying to use it 🙂

      1. Sarah Derbyshire

        Hi Lisa,

        I managed to get an extra velcro mount, so I have got them both velcro’d to opposite sides of my riding hat. The cable then just wraps up out the way.

        How are you finding yours?

        1. Lisa

          Hi Sarah

          My camera and battery pack just arrived today, will see what I can do to fit it altogether tonight, will let you know 🙂

  23. Geet

    Hi!! I ordered an ISAW A3 EXTREME on 13 Sep 14. Had some doubts regarding product delivery in India and the final cost after customs duty, so called up number provided on website. Team HEDCAMz was quick to respond to my query and resolve my problem. Received product within 2 week of placing the order and the best part… Wasn’t charged anything by customs…. 🙂 Product quality, features and accessories are impressive. Thanks a ton team HEDCAMz for excellent product and service provided. Loved it!! 🙂

  24. Ross

    I bought the 1080 for an Xmas present as I saw they had a good offer on, my Mrs has been wanting a head camera for months to record her competing and xc schooling etc.
    The service was impeccable, wanted to ask a few questions and Tom was on hand to answer any queries I had strait away. The hedcam itself arrived the next day, And brilliant value compared to some of the others on the market!! I’m really looking forward to it getting some use now!
    Brilliant all round!!!

  25. Shelby

    Arranging gifts to be delivered from overseas can often get tricky but I have nothing but praise for the way the HEDCAMz team dealt with my order. Good communication when items were not available, and they made sure it was delivered in time for my brother’s birthday. Thanks HEADCAMz. Great service Thank you!

  26. Lauren Scoines

    great service great product, Shame battery not last for more than hour and half however when i called to discuss this with them they suggested a battery pack to extend the life to 5 hours, Great they informed me, shame they not explain this better in the advertisement as I know friends have been put off of the product due to restricted battery life.

  27. Ian Ryan

    Absolutely brilliant customer service, excellent communication and fast delivery, would highly recommend HEDCAMz

  28. John Brindle

    Best customer service in the business. Judge a company by how they respond if things go wrong. On that score, these guys can’t be faulted. Very satisfied customer.

  29. Darren

    you have to update the firmware on the saw ca,era to get this to work, but good after that.

  30. Dianne

    Fantastic customer service from Tom! Called up to get advice on which camera would be best for my needs and he talked me through the 4 options I’d chosen then short listed the best. I placed my order only to receive a call 10mins later with him offering me a fantastic upgrade for a fraction of the price!
    Received my hedcam before I got my confirmation email saying it had been dispatched. Can not fault anything, just need to improve on my riding to get some great footage. 5

  31. Rod smith

    I can’t thank Tom and Carl at HEDCAMz enough for their patience in finding an intermittent fault that developed on my 7twenty. After two weeks of testing and on the verge of returning the camera, Tom found the fault and immediately offered a replacement. I Have dealt with HEDCAMz in the past and would not hesitate in dealing with them again in the future. A great product and fantastic after sales assistance. Thanks again lads.

  32. Steven Montgomery

    Customer service is second to none, sent first class recorded & with me the next day !!

  33. Pete Kelsall

    Really helpful and friendly. Excellent repair on a GoPro2 – and not making any comment about what I’d done trying to fix it myself 😉 I’d recommend hedcamz to anyone who needed a camera repair.

  34. Bonnie Fishburn

    I have a Hedcamz which I have used for cross country and my friend has borrowed for hunting. There has been some fabulous footage and some very funny moments which you would never of got with out the Hedcamz 🙂

  35. Claire

    Amazing customer service. Chatted to Sam on Friday. Gave me lots of advice. Headcam arrived the next morning! Super impressed.

  36. Jennifer

    Well Done Hedcamz. Great selection and choice to choose from for ultimate head action cameras. My friend actually owns a Beautiful Hd camera which captures great coverage of us hunting and always gives us something to smile about when we look back on our day afterwards. If it wasn’t for Hedcamz many of us would not have the fun memories to look back on. A great gadget to own, reliable, effective ……Picture quality is epic as sound is too. Roll on to Hedcamz launching many more new products in the not too distant future.

  37. Mrs B

    Another gadget in the long line of gadgets that hubby wants, only means now I have no excuse to get out of the exciting fishing footage!

  38. Mr M

    Bit of a glitch as first but quickly and professionally resolved by the seller. Can’t fault their service or communication.

  39. Pouya

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SELLER. I purchased my Phantom 3 drone from them and sent them an email to make sure I can have it as quick as possible. They rang me first thing in the morning and I had my drone the next day. Very good service and the product was brand new, packages nicely and delivered on time. Great seller and I will definitely do business with them again. Many thanks for your help.

  40. Chris

    Extremely propfessional seller. Item dispatched promptly, and courtesy call was made to me in order to advise about the manufacturer delay on the extra battery. Brilliant service and I would not hesitate to use them again

  41. Michael

    Wicked DJI phantom 3 professional, i was so happy with my product even when it got delivered to me early than expected LOL 100% good seller : )

  42. Ross Poole

    The service I experienced with Hedcamz is quite simply the best service I’ve ever received from an online seller. I would urge and strongly recommend anyone use these guys. I’m now on first name terms with the team they treated me that well. They are clearly a very successful business yet I was treated like they’re only customer, whom I’m clearly not. Thanks for the help getting my drone.

  43. Matthew James

    Absolutely first class service, with excellent communication. Next day delivery arrived (in Cornwall) at 3pm! I have already bought other items from this seller and will always try to source from them in future. Thank you HedCamz.

  44. Lookingathistory

    Had an initial problem setting up, the downloaded software app ipad to machine. When I contacted seller, immediate response by email and then very helpful on the phone. This is how you should work with customers and is a significant advantage when dealing with technology

  45. Al Zawawi

    Very promote service by the seller. I was so happy that my order arrived sooner than expected, that I placed a second order for the DJI Phantom 3, which again arrived promptly and perfect order.

  46. Peter D

    It actually arrived earlier than you stated, good communication to me from you, and from you and the company HEDCAMz and thank you for informing me my spare battery is delayed, good all round service I was quite impressed.

  47. Ozz Wilts

    Amazing. I selected ‘expedited delivery’ (up to 4 days) – NO extra charge. Arrived LESS than 24 hours later by courier. Never had this speed of service. Yes… this seller is not the cheapest for Phantoms – BUT they are in the UK and authorised DJI retailers. Check other sellers and where they are based – every other cheaper one is in Hong Kong despite delivering from an anonymous UK warehouse.

  48. Paul lloyd

    Went to the premises to check these guys out before I put an order through. these guys are brilliant very genuine they know their stuff, and are very helpful. Would recommend these people to anyone. And I will always support small businesses who have great customer support and service . A1 company!!

  49. Geoff P

    Just to let you know Phantom arrived safely back this afternoon (good old Royal Mail eh) thanks to both you and Sam for all your help gives me some confidence as a novice that you guys are a phone call away.

  50. Marie Wood

    I would like to take this opportunity to say what great service hedcamz provides, a quick response to emails about their products help to choose the right thing and if you make a mistake ordering extra items to go with your first order, you might get a call from one of the team at headcamz. Which is what happen to me they corrected the problem sorted out the payment and all by the personal touch,you at hedcamz should be very proud of yourselves . Thank you so much for your service of checking orders to make sure that your customers have the right items. I would have had a very sad husband on Christmas Day ????. I would recommend hedcamz to anybody who’s looking for a company that has great service and great products.
    A Great Big Thank You.
    Marie a very happy customer ????

  51. Kenneth

    I was thinking of buying my Dji Advanced Pro Quadcopter from eBay until I came across Hedcamz who are recognised approved agents. I am really enjoying this grown-up toy for a grown boy and when I have any questions about this product Hedcamz are always very helpful and prompt with replies. KEEP IT UP LADS and come back for more if your good. If your local to me and have a Phantom 3 Pro please contact me thro’ text message on 07732 559609.
    Ken Nash – High Wycombe

    1. Carl - HEDCAMz Owner

      Thanks Ken, glad we were able to assist you and hope to hear from you again soon 🙂

  52. Godfrey Nelson

    Had a problem with my purchase and was told to send it back which I did yesterday morning and a replacement has just been delivered. Thanks guys brilliant service.

  53. phil

    Had a fault occur on the product I purchased. Contacted Hedcamz and they replaced it without any fuss whatsoever. Fantastic service, highly recommended. Thanks.