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TomTom Bandit Action Camera - with App Store capability

Say hello to the TomTom Bandit.

  • 4k camera
  • 3 hours of recording time
  • HD Video
  • 16 MP photo
  • 3h non-stop filming cable-free
  • Built-in sensors (Speed, G-force, Altitude, Rotation, Heartbeat*)
  • Edit and share your movie instantly with the Bandit App (iOS & Android)
  • Includes a Go-Pro Mount Adapter
  • Show your action stats – speed, location, and altitude.



Creating a story using the mobile app

TomTom Bandit Action Camera with Review

You can create a video story from highlights in your TomTom Bandit videos. The highlights were added automatically and manually when the video was recorded, but you can also add highlights to a video using the Mobile app. Using the Mobile app, you can create your story in different ways. The easiest and quickest is to just shake to edit and let your smartphone do the work, but you can also create a video story yourself.



TomTom Bandit Action Camera - Snowboarder checking footage

Taking photos

You can use your TomTom Bandit to take photos in the following modes: Normal – A single photo is taken. Burst – A series of photos are taken in a very short time. You can select the mode using the control button on the TomTom Bandit, or you can use the Mobile app.


Recording videosTomTom Bandit Action Camera - MTB recording

You can use your TomTom Bandit to record videos in the following modes:

  • VIDEO – Use this mode to record normal high-quality videos.
  • SLOW MO – This mode records slow-motion videos at high-quality.
  • TIMELAPSE – This mode creates videos from time-lapse recordings taken at set intervals.
  • CINEMATIC – Very high quality video mode for the video specialist.

You can select the mode using the control button on the TomTom Bandit, or you can use the Mobile app.




TomTom Bandit Action Camera - MTB footage on smartphone

Video highlights

Highlights are added to your video while you are recording a video. A highlight marks an exciting part of your action video, for example a high speed, a jump or even a beautiful view. A video can contain many highlights.

Automatic highlighting

TomTom Bandit Action Camera - Snowboarder gliding down hill

Highlights are automatically added to your video using inputs from sensors to highlight the most exciting parts of the action. The following inputs from built-in sensors are used:

  • Maximum speeds.
  • Maximum g-force.
  • Maximum acceleration.
  • Maximum deceleration.
  • Vertical speed.

Manual highlighting

You can add a highlight manually to your video when something exciting or memorable happens, either before or after the event.

Manually highlight your video when something happens that automatic highlighting might not detect, for example a beautiful view, the high point of a walk or being with your friends.

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