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HEDCAM Ten80 – The small action camera with a big personality.

Exactly thirty years ago, a MotoGP rider called Randy Mamola became the first ever test subject to try out an onboard camera whilst racing. The results were incredible. For the first time, the world saw live TV point of view footage straight from Randy’s bike and born was an immense curiosity for action cameras.

Fast forward to 2013. The HEDCAM Ten80 was created.

A point of view action camera built so light and small, it’s difficult to even notice on helmets and bars. The HEDCAM Ten80 weighs in at just 39 grams and measures only 80mm end to end. The revolutionary low profile design shoots all action without feeling the burden of a traditional action camera.

Why this camera? Apart from its covert design, there are many points that make it stand out. First of all, let’s have a look at some technical specs that beat other competitors. After the features we’ll explore into reasons for using it in everyday life.

Simple mounts. Utilising the HEDCAM QuickClick mounting system, it’s easy to quickly move the HEDCAM between mounting positions. In the Ten80 package is a range of options including QuickClick curved and flat base mounts. So for any sport or recreational purpose, there’s no hassle with having to buy extra mounts or getting confused by how to detach mounts.


Weighing in at just 39 grams, the HEDCAM Ten80 weighs less than a third of its competition, but still packs a punch. Featuring just one button, the HEDCAM’s one touch operation keeps things simple as well as compact and robust.

The built-in laser allows the user to line up shot for the perfect action angle. When powered on, the laser will show for 10 seconds, giving enough time for any adjustments. If unsure if the camera is on, simply tap the power button and a 10 second laser beam will appear and confirm that the camera is on.

Powered by a slim, rechargeable 550mAh Li-ion battery, the HEDCAM Ten80 will shoot continuously for over an hour in full 1080p HD. This can easily be extended with the optional Battery Bank for up to 6 hours. The camera records on to a Micro SD card up to 32GB and splits the files in to seamless 25-minute segments, making it really easy to locate favourite clips.


Waterproof to 10 meters with no additional housing, the HEDCAM Ten80 can be taken almost anywhere. Whether shredding through knee-deep powder in the Canadian backcountry, or simply recording a daily ride to work, this HD sports action camera has something for everyone.

Loop record. There’s an option to use the camera both for evidence and recreation, the HEDCAM Ten80 camera has the option to turn loop record on and off. What is it? Loop record allows the camera to overwrite old files with new files. Once the memory card becomes full, the camera will delete the first video file to make room for the latest file. This can either be done through the camera settings or with a downloadable firmware file to update the camera to the desired mode.

Amazing, right?

The Ten80 isn’t just a fun camera that can be taken on holidays or whilst doing sporting activities. It can be a serious tool to help find and prove something that wasn’t seen with eyes.

Evidential recording. Footage from the Ten80 action camera can be an essential tool in civil and criminal courts. The court would ultimately be in a position to decide whether or not a person is guilty by looking at the footage recorded from the HEDCAM. Ultimately this means that Ten80 camera footage could result in winning a case and avoiding a lengthy trial.

“The great little Ten80 camera that not only records my motorbike footage but the time and date of any incidents when I am riding, it can go directly to the police if necessary and they have the evidence they need”. – Customer – bigonabianchi

Bar Mount for HEDCAM Cameras

As a training aid, both amateur and leading athletes use the HEDCAM. The small camera helps improve performance and allows the user to dissect their sports training. It essentially creates a high definition reference library that people can learn from. People learn from mistakes seen on the video playback and improve on vital tricks and techniques.

EWW Editor Jess Crocker highly advocates HEDCAM Ten80 footage as a way to review her horse’s progress.

‘As an owner it is impossible to view a whole round of cross-country. I was a real fan of helmet cam footage as it enabled me to see how my horses performed and how the rider was progressing with them up the levels. I would review the footage with my rider and we would discuss areas of improvement, possible training, any issues and development. For me, it was an exciting way to engage as an owner and gave me a detailed insight into my horse’s performance’.

Paul Tapner Burghley Horse Trials - Should helmet cameras be banned in equestrian sports?

The price was kept till last. Why? It’s the best feature. The HEDCAM Ten80 costs on average half of its competitor’s prices. With the cheaper price includes all of the mounts, accessories, a free 8GB Class 10 Micro SDHC Card with SD Adapter and the technical support that’s considered outstanding. So there it is, the HEDCAM Ten80 action camera – the small action camera with a big personality.

What’s In The Box?

  • HEDCAM Ten80
  • 8GB Micro SDHC Card with SD Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • HEDCAM Standard Cradle (QuickClip)
  • Curved Mount (QuickClip)
  • Flat Mount (QuickClip)
  • Spare adhesive pads for QuickClip mounts
  • Low Profile Camera Cradle
  • Spare Adhesive
  • Velcro Mount
  • 3 Velcro strips
  • Rubber Strap
  • Goggle Strap
  • Elasticated Head Strap
  • Waterproof Cap
  • Microphone Cap

Video Resolution:

  • 1080p – 30fps
  • 720p – 60fps

File Format:

  • .mov (H.264 codec)


  • 135° – 720p
  • 120º – 1080p


  • Built-in

Memory Type:

  • MicroSD/SDHC/SDXC compatible up to 32GB


  • 550mAh built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery


  • 10m


  • USB Plug and Play
  • Mini USB Connector


  • Windows XP and up
  • Mac OS 10.5 and up

Camera Dimensions:

  • Diameter 22mm
  • Length 80mm

Camera Weight:

  • 39 grams